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19/09/2019 The talks and astronomical observations continue @ SNFCC: Starry Nights: Solar System. Ch

Starry Nights: Solar System | 19/09/2019 | 17.30 | SNFCC

In September, the event series inviting the public to enjoy unique thematic evenings under the stars continues, in collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens (NSA). In a talk and astronomical observation using NSA’s telescopes in the South Paths, we observe the celestial dome: the Sun, the Moon, the planets, stars and constellations, and how they are identified in this specific time of year.

In our first September meeting (05/09), we learn about the ecliptic and our solar system (how it was created, what it is made up of, how far it extends), while comparing it with other solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy. In the second meeting (19/09), we explore the composition of a star and the relationship of the Sun to the planets, and in particular to the Earth.

Design-Implementation: National Observatory of Athens / Dr Lazaros Koutoulidis and Dr Vaggelis Kolokotronis

For adults

Up to 60 participants

Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis

Solar System and the Ecliptic: Thursday 05/09/2019 20.00-22.00

Southern Walks

Stars and Constellations: Thursday 19/09/2019 17.30-20.30

Southern Walks

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