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You plan to visit the seafront of Athens? Why don't you combine it with a visit to the Neraida F

Neraida Floating Museum | Friday to Sunday | 18:30 - 22.00 - Flisvos Marina

The Neraida Floating Museum comprices a special museum case in which two central narratives are contained:

A. The business career of her owner, John Latsis, from his birth in 1910 until the mid-1990s, when he withdrew from the business world.

Β. The history of the ship since her construction in 1939 until the completion of her reconstruction in 2010.

The narration unfolds through a numerous photographs, business, personal and public documents, objects, models and audio-visual material and is presented against the backdrop of important political, economic and social events of the 20th century. Finally, in the hall which formerly served as a dining room, the visitor has the opportunity to watch two short videos about the history of the Neraida passenger ship and the story of its reconstruction into a floating museum.

Free admission

Click here to see how to get there

Friday to Sunday

18:30 - 22.00


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