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05/10/2019 Larry Gus is coming for a free music concert @ SNFCC!

Music Escapades: Larry Gus | 05/10/2019 | 21.00 | SNFCC

Known for his energetic performances that blend multiple layers of vocals and electronics, Larry Gus presents his upcoming album as well as tracks from his previous releases in October’s Music Escapades.

Musician Panagiotis Melidis has been active in the Greek alternative music scene since 2006, when he ventured into solo electronic music production after the dissolution of his punk duo Ginger. Stemming from the Greek word larigas, which roughly translates into throat or larynx, Larry Gus served as an interesting enough wordplay to act as a banner for his new sound.

Larry Gus’ music combines sample-based sound constructions with psychedelic pop melodies. His earliest sample-based recordings were featured in TV commercials, eventually giving way to live shows that included improvised looping and on-the-spot construction of kaleidoscopic beats. Following a slew of appearances on compilations, remixes, and online tracks, Larry Gus released his first complete album Silent Congas digitally in 2012, followed by Years Not Living in 2013. His third album, Subservient, is slated for release by DFA.

Line-up: Larry Gus, vocals, electronics

Free admission

Saturday 05/10/2019



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