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14/09/2019 Tribute to Spanish Cinema with free admission @ SNFCC: El juego de la silla (Argentina, 2

Tribute to Spanish Cinema: El juego de la silla (Argentina, 2002) | 14/09/2019 | 21.00 | SNFCC

El juego de la silla, a film by Ana Katz, is coming to the SNFCC on Saturday 14/09 at 21.00, as part of the 4th Mediterranean Festival of the Municipality of Kallithea.


Victor, who has been living for years in Canda, returns to his country of origin, Argentina, on a business trip. He has only one day in Buenos Aires to visit his family who are excited to meet him after so long, and they are doing their best to showcase their love durig his short stay. They organize various family feasts to honor Victor and they enjoy their gathering, singing, playing and eating all together. However, the effort to rebuild a strong relationship with Victor will have an unexpected outcome.

Directed by Ana Katz

Suitable for ages 17+

Free admission

Saturday 14/09/2019


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