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10/08/2019 Tales from the Box @ SNFCC. Check it out! :)

Tales from the Box | 10/08/2019 | 21.00 | SNFCC

Thanos Stavridis and Stella Tempreli with their project Tales From the Box mix and match genres and tell stories conjuring memories.

With their accordion and cello, the two musicians evoke an amalgam of images, sounds, reminiscences and feelings, resonating with classical music, vintage Greek cinema and the sounds of decades past.

An established accordionist, Thanos Stavridis has worked with some of the most prominent singers, composers and instrumentalists in Greece and the Balkans in live performances and studio recordings. Cellist Stella Tempreli has given many live performances and received several chamber music awards.


Thanos Stavridis, accordion

Stella Tempreli, cello

Free admission

Saturday 10/08/2019



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