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07&08/08/2019 Free sailing events await you to join them @ SNFCC. Give it a try! :D

Sailing the Canal | 07&08/08/2019 | 17.30 - 20:30 | SNFCC

The ever-popular sailing events await you to join them, featuring different types of boats both in the Canal and on dry land. In collaboration with the Kalamaki Yacht Club

Wednsday 07/08/2019 & Thursday 08/08/2019


17.30-18.30 for children aged 6–9 & 6-14 with mental disabilities*

18.30-19.30 for children aged 9–14 & 6-14 with mental disabilities*

19.30-20.30 for teens aged 15+ and adults with or without mental disabilities*

* Children must be accompanied by an adult chaperone

Up to 15 participants per 60 minutes Free admission by online preregistration (the activity is conducted in Greek)




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