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06,07&08/08/2019 Cirko Cachivache: Walking on a Tiger's Tail free show @ SNFCC. New shows af

Cirko Cachivache: Walking on a Tiger's Tail - New shows! | 06-08/08/2019 | 21.00 | SNFCC

Following the show's success SNFCC announces three more shows that are to take place in August, specifically 06, 07 & 08/08!

The brand-new Dome, which was installed in the SNFCC’s Labyrinth during the SNF’s Summer Nostos Festival, welcomes Cirko Cachivache from 16 July and for a limited number of shows. Acrobats, musicians, jugglers, clowns and actors transform the brand-new Dome installed in Stavros Niarchos Park’s Labyrinth into a spectacular circus show that will blow you away, irrespective of age! Impressive acrobatics, live music, singing, dancing, acting and Chinese martial-art elements fuse into an exciting spectacle for children and adults alike.

Established in 2010, Cirko Cachivache is a collective of circus, theater and music artists, rooted in new circus and street theater. New circus combines the traditional circus ingredients with fresh styles, making the circus relevant for new generations of audiences. Cirko Cachivache has adopted the key components of new circus: acrobatics and flying acrobatics, theater, juggling, comic and dramatic action, and live music. Characteristically, all company members are equally at home singing, dancing, playing music, performing acrobatics and juggling.

Cirko Cachivache has performed throughout Greece and other countries, in open-air and indoor venues, festivals, public squares and parks; their shows have been loved by people of all ages: Their earlier production, Molly’s Dream (Palace Theater, 2016/7) was enjoyed by more than 40,000 viewers.

The Dome was made possible by a new grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) as part of its ongoing support to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. In addition to overseeing the construction of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, a project made possible by SNF grant, the Foundation continues to support SNFCC A.E. in organizing a wide range of public events as well as building new infrastructure augmenting the original project, including the Dome and the recent water installation at the Canal, to enrich the SNFCC experience. The Dome was built to hold productions and shows in spectacular new sets several times during the year as well as to provide an indoor venue for both winter and summer in the Stavros Niarchos Park.

A few words about the story

Kin’s is a peaceful realm. The virtuous king and his wise queen rule in peace, respecting nature and taking good care of their subjects. The lake that ensures the livelihood of the kingdom, providing water for humans, animals and vegetation, is worshipped as a deity. When the King’s evil brother dries the lake and causes aridity, all seems to be lost for the kingdom.

A young heroine, magically born of a cherry tree, seems bent on bringing back the rain. Nevertheless, when the moment comes she loses her nerve – will she finally overcome her fear and save the kingdom? Rich in mythological allusions, the plot seeks to encourage viewers to bond with nature, promoting a message of environmental awareness.


Screenplay – direction – dramaturg: Manuk Karyotakis

Music: Cirko Cachivache, Michalis Stefanidis

Set designer: Christos Konstantellos

Movement designer: Cirko Cachivache, Kiki Baka

Lighting designer: Anna Sbokou


Fotis Athanassiou: trombone, vocals, actor

Manuk Karyotakis: vocals, acrobatics, juggling, actor

Vangelis Kritikos: percussion, actor

Suzana Lavea: acrobatics, juggling, actor

Thanassis Makos: daouli, kaval, actor

Spyros Mastoras: bass, trombone, juggling, actor

Angeliki Merentiti: acrobatics, juggling, actor

Yorgos Papadopoulos: acrobatics, actor

Alvaro Ramirez: acrobatics, juggling, actor

Michalis Stefanidis: guitar, trumpet, electric piano, actor

Antonia Sotiropoulou: acrobatics, actor

Polychronis Tomboris: acrobatics, juggling, actor

Chryssa Traikopoulou: acrobatics, actor

New shows at 06,07 & 08/08 All shows start at 21.00 with a duration of 90ʹ and no intermission.

The Dome is accessible to people with disabilities and wheelchairs and the space is air-conditioned.

For children aged 5+

Free admission by online preregistration

On the day of the event, a waiting list will be available 60' before the start (up to 2 tickets per person).




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