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03/06/2019 Lullaby Project: Treasured Gifts @ SNFCC. Don't miss high level music event!

Lullaby Project: Treasured Gifts | 03/06/2019 | 21.00 | SNFCC

In collaboration with Carnegie Hall

In partnership with New York’s Carnegie Hall and non-profit music education organization El Sistema Greece, Lullaby Project is back to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center for the second year in a row.

Five composers, exponents of different kinds of music, meet with women in advanced pregnancy, mothers with babies or older children, and grandmothers – women from different backgrounds, refugees, Thiva Women's Correctional Facility inmates, or residents of different Athens neighborhoods, each representing her own family. In collaboration with the composers, they pour their emotions into music, writing and singing lullabies as unique gifts for their children to cherish.

The fruits of this unique encounter will be presented on the Alternative Stage on Monday, 3 June, proving that music is the most powerful means of expression.

Established in December 2011 in New York City by Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute, Lullaby Project pairs pregnant women and new mothers with professional artists to write and sing personal lullabies for their babies.

In previous concerts, the Lullaby Project has featured artists such as acclaimed mesophone Joyce DiDonato, Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchand and others.

Envisioning music as a means towards social inclusion and cohesion, Carnegie Hall collaborates with El Sistema Greece, a non-profit music education organization for children and youths in vulnerable situations and refugee communities, harnessing the power of music to foster social inclusion and promote education.

The concert features acclaimed Greek and international artists, including Mookie Lee-Menuhin, Sun Tailor and Renaud Guy-Rousseau.

Ever since its opening, the SNFCC has hosted ESG students several times, providing them with the unique opportunity to participate in high level music events, and to acquire valuable integrated music experiences.

Composers: Eleni Arapoglou Thodoris Matoulas Thalia-Marie Papadopoulou Blend Mishkin Sun Tailor

Free admission by online preregistration

Preregistration starts on Monday 27/05 at 12.00

Late seating may be possible in case of an intermission or pause.

Monday 03/06/2019



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