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17/03/2019 Luigi Pirandello: The Jar @ SNFCC. Check it out ;)

Luigi Pirandello: The Jar | 17/03/2019 | 17.00 | SNFCC

Staging – Adaptation: Katerina Evangelatos Performed by Nikolas Papagiannis (in Greek) Accordion: Thanos Stavridis

The great Italian Nobel laureate for literature Luigi Pirandello has left an indelible mark, not only in theater but also in short story writing. “The Jar” is a comic story written in 1917, set in the Italian South.

Quarrelsome landowner Don Lollo Zirafa commissions a large jar to store olive oil. The enormous jar breaks, mysteriously, only a few hours later, and Don Lollo asks old Dima for help in mending it. The landowner’s temper gets old Dima into an impasse: In his effort to stitch the jar, he is trapped inside – yet Don Lollo refuses to break it to set him free.

A characteristic example of Pirandello’s incisive realism and social critique, “The Jar” takes us back to the Italian South in the early 20th century, transforming a seemingly simple tale into a celebration of absurdism.

The short story is published in Luigi Pirandello, Διηγήματα, Roes Editions, 2008), transl. into Greek by Mara Theodoritsi.

Free admission by online pre-registration (the story is presented in Greek)

Sunday 17/03/2019



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