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10/10/2018 @ Odeon of Herodes Atticus Yuri Grigorovich with top soloists of the Bolshoi Theater pres

Grigorovich Ballet Theatre of Russia: "Spartacus" | 10-10/2018 - 20.30 - Odeon of Herodes Atticus

At last, after years Bolshoi legend Yuri Grigorovic returns to Odeon of Herodes Atticus! With all the actors of Grigorovich Ballet (150 people: ballet, orchestra, choir) and with top soloists of the Bolshoi Theater he presents Spartacus by Aram Chatasurian.

This is the world tour of celebrating 50 years since the first premiere in Bolshoi. Yuri Grigorowicz's wish is this tour to be hosted on the Odeon of Herodes Atticus which is the natural setting of the show.

As Grigorovich himself says in his memo:

When I first introduced Spartacus to Odeon of Herodes Atticus of Bolshoi, it was such an emotion that I promised to come back every time I was given this opportunity. I consider it the ideal backdrop for? this show. Every time I prepare the show again from the beginning based on this theater. And every time I walk through the theater and see the Acropolis above, I remember that Greece was and will be our great inspiration. The hero was a gladiator of Thracian origin, who led a great revolution of slaves and other oppressed against the Romans in the 1st pre-Christian century when the Roman Empire was undefeated. The Slave Gladiator, who revolted in the heart of Italy and remained inconceivable for three years, was a powerful blow to the prestige of the Empire and emerged as a symbol of heroism and freedom. First, the Armenian-born Russian composer composed an exquisite and epic music for the Ballet Spartak (1956), inspired purely by the folk tradition of his place. Afterwards, the dancer , who is the most important Russian choreographer, created the impressive and dynamic choreography of Spartacus with admittedly great technical difficulties for the dancers . The premiere of the project was in 1968. Ballet enthusiasts consider the Spartacus a wonderful combination of music and choreography and one of the top classical repertoire.

Yuri Grigorovich speaks of Spartacus:

The struggle of Kalo with the Bad that Spartacus represents is timeless, or better contemporary and classical together, which makes it synonymous with eternity itself. At the same time, I was impressed how Hatsutarean expressed this sculpture with sculptural accuracy and power. It did not just create fascinating melodies that enchant with their dramaticness, but real ballet music, capable of expressing deep emotions and offering strong emotions. So in 1968, and while I was already artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet, I decided to present my own version of Hadasurean's music. The base of Spartacus & rdquo; is the classic element, but enriched with some modern touches. In comparing these two you can distinguish the classical strength in time and its ability to be just as modern. Politics is changing, regimes are falling, "Spartacus" but he remains alive expressing high achievements and eternal conflicts: the desire for freedom, love and hatred. For me Spartacus & rdquo; is the symbol of team human struggles. In 1977 at the Herodes Atticus Conservatoire, the Bolshoi Theater presented the Spartacus & Giselle & & Swan Lake & Natalija Besmerdova and Michael Lavrovski, Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasilev, Nina Timofiejeva with Maris Liapas and Alexander Bogatiriov were dancing. The historic amphitheater beneath the Acropolis was packed. We danced with our eyes watching the Parthenon above. And then it seemed to us that the classic ballet meets the eternal ancient classic, which gave the aesthetics to classical dance. We felt ourselves to touch the energy of the enormous civilization of ancient Greeks. I feel emotion and awe that I will present again with the new generation of dancers and even on the 50th anniversary of his first premiere in Bolshoi. But especially I feel thrilled to come back to the birthplace of the Theater & ndash; this great discovery, without which we can not imagine our lives. Experience the great return of Bolshoi legend Yuri Grigorovich in the most beautiful theater in the world! REPRESENTATION DATA


WEDNESDAY 10 OCTOBER 2018 at 20.30


With the participation of top Bolshoi soloists


Ballet in three acts, twelve scenes and nine monologues.

Dramaturgy: Yuri Grigorovich based on the book by Raffaello Giovanolli on facts from ancient history and N. Volkov's script).

Production - Choreography: Yuri Grigoryvic

Sets & Costumes: Shimon Wirsalage

DURATION: Two hours and forty minutes with two breaks

The leading roles are performed by leading soloists Bolshoi Ballet. In particular, distribution is as follows: SPARTAKOS Spartacus: DENIS RODKIN (Dennis Rodkink) Theater Principal Dancer Bolshoi

Crawl: ALEXANDER VOLCHKOV (Aleksandr Volchkov) First soloist (Principal Dancer) of the Bolshoi Theater

Aegina: EKATERINA SHIPULINA (Ekaterina Sipoulina) First soloist (Principal Dancer) of the Bolshoi Theater

Phrygia: MARIA VINOGRATOVA (Maria Vinogravatova) The first soloist (Leading Soloist) of Theater Bolshoi




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