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16/09 @ SNFCC: George Dalaras and Estoudiantina present a fascinating music journey in a free music

Parklife: George Dalaras and Estoudiantina | 16/09/2018 - 21.00 - SNFCC

George Dalaras presents a fascinating music journey – an ode to migration in a live music performance celebrating life, joy and love, with Greek and Mediterranean songs.

Guest artists: singer-songwriter Thodoris Kotonias; chórεs vocal ensemble, directed by Marina Satti; Ria Ellinidou and Tassos Noussias. Onstage with 13 great instrumentalists, they share stories about migration, accounts of people from different backgrounds yet with common joys and sorrows.

Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Arab music – unique modes of expressing human feelings of happiness or sadness, the people’s hopes and dreams.

George Dalaras, alongside the Estoudiantina Neas Ionias, which has been studying and promoting Mediterranean music for 20 years, and its artistic director, Andreas Katsigiannis, send a musical message of friendship and unity, in support of all contemporary migrants, people who struggle for survival and search for a new, welcoming home.


Theodore Kotonias

Ria Ellinidou

chórεs vocal ensemble, dir. Marina Satti

Narrator: Tassos Noussias

Artistic director: George Dalaras

Arrangements: Andreas Katsigiannis, Giorgos Papachristoudis


Andreas Katsigiannis, santouri

Giorgos Matsikas, bouzouki

Apostolis Valaroutsos, guitar

Kostas Konstantinou, bass

Kyriakos Gouventas, violin

Apostolis Vangelakis, wind instruments

Nikos Samaras, trumpet

Manos Grysbolakis, accordeon

Themis Symvoulopoulos, percussion

Michalis Bakalis, percussion

Angelos Polychronou, percussion

Christos Kaliontzidis, Pontic lyra

Also featuring: Giorgos Papachristoudis, piano

Music director: Andreas Katsigiannis

Free admission.

Sunday 16/09/2018



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