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02/09 @ SNFCC: The acclaimed Greek jazz pianist George Kontrafouris and his group, Baby Trio in a f

Jazz Chronicles: George Kontrafouris - Ten years Baby Trio | 02/09/2018 | 21.00 | SNFCC

In September, Jazz Chronicles – SNFCC’s concert series – welcomes a music trio led by the acclaimed Greek jazz pianist George Kontrafouris, whose group, Baby Trio, has been testament to the value of artistic renewal and youthful creativity.

Formed in 2008 to capture the pure energy and youthful enthusiasm of young musicians starting out in a band, as well to serve as a school for young musicians, Baby Trio has gone through many incarnations. When they turn 25, Baby Trio members give their places to new members. In the current trio edition, Kontrafouris plays Hammond organ, accompanied by a young guitarist and a young drummer.

This year, Baby Trio is celebrating its tenth anniversary by giving a concert at SNFCC and releasing an album on vinyl and CD in late 2018.

This concert features Baby Trio’s current members, as well as many of the group’s former members:

George Kontrafouris, Hammond organ

Kostis Fanaras, guitar

Hector Remsak, drums

Konstantinos Stouraitis, guitar

Alexander Vichos, guitar

Yannis Papadoulis, drums

Vasilis Podaras, drums

Vangelis Kotzabassis, drums

Dimitra Kokkinopoulou, guest vocals

Free admission.

Click here to see how to get there

Sunday 02/09/2018



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