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08&09/09: Free Sailing activities @ the Canal of SNFCC! Have fun ;)

Sailing the Canal | 08&09/09 - SNFCC

The Kalamaki Yacht Club presents a series of interactive sailing events on different types of boats, both in the Canal and on shore, featuring innovative educational activities for children and adults. In co-operation with Kalamaki Yacht Club

Saturday 08/09 & Sunday 09/09

09.00-10.00 | ages 6–9 & 6-14 mentaly impaired* 10.00-11.00 | ages 9–12 11.00-12.00 | ages 17+ & adults 12.00-13.00 | ages 12–17 13.00-14.00 | ages 17+ & adults & 14+ mentaly impaired*

*The attendance of a companion is necessary

Free admission, up to 15 participations per 60' with preregstration here.

Online bookings are canceled 15 'before the start of the event, if their holders have not been presented at the event venue.

Participants are encouraged to wear hat and sunscreen.


See how to get there

Go to SNFCC Event Page

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