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29/07 @ SNFCC: Social Ballroom Festival: Salsa :D

Social Ballroom Festival: Salsa | 29/07 - 20.30 class - 21:30 party - SNFCC

Social Ballroom, SNFCC’s popular series grows bigger! SNFCC celebrates the full moon in the heart of summer with a three-day dance festival, where young and old, beginner and advanced dancers (or dancers to be) sync their steps to tango, salsa and swing!

Salsa: Salsa Sinners & Hierbabuena

The Festival concludes with Latin and salsa. Sunday begins with an open class from Kiki and The Salsa Sinners, who promise to make us move to the rhytms of DJ Nicos-K, preparing us for the wild party to follow, with authentic Cuban sounds by Hierbabuena!

Free admission.

Sunday 29/07

20.30 class - 21:30 party


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