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28/07 @ SNFCC: Social Ballroom Festival: Swing :D

Social Ballroom Festival: Swing | 28/07 - 20.30 class - 21:30 party - SNFCC

Social Ballroom, SNFCC’s popular series grows bigger! SNFCC celebrates the full moon in the heart of summer with a three-day dance festival, where young and old, beginner and advanced dancers (or dancers to be) sync their steps to tango, salsa and swing!

Swing: Athens Lindy Hop & Τhe Ηazelnuts

On the last Saturday night in July, the rhythm changes, and it's time for Swing. Athens Lindy Hop will give an open class in the Agora, followed by the vocal trio The Hazelnuts, for the first time in Greece, invited in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel, to get dancers up on their feet in a fun party. For the past four years, The Hazelnuts, or Hazelnut Sisters, have been composing and performing their original music, carving a unique path in the Israeli music scene. In their concerts in Israel, France, the U.S.A., Canada, Kenya, Serbia and the Czech Republic, jazz festivals around the world and collaborations with artists including Shlomo Gronich, Yoni Rechter, Shlomi Shaban, Marsh Dondurma, Revolution Orchestra and Manhattan Transfer, taking the audience back to the dawn of the jazz era, in their unique mix of vintage sounds and original compositions.

Free admission.

Saturday 28/07

20.30 class - 21:30 party


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