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27/07 @ SNFCC: Social Ballroom Festival: Tango :D

Social Ballroom Festival: Tango | 27/07 - 20.30 class - 21:30 party - SNFCC

Social Ballroom, SNFCC’s popular series grows bigger! SNFCC celebrates the full moon in the heart of summer with a three-day dance festival, where young and old, beginner and advanced dancers (or dancers to be) sync their steps to tango, salsa and swing!

Tango: Tango Factory & Athens Tango Ensemble

The festival begins with the Tango. Tango Factory with Luis Mestre, a dancer, choreographer and tango master from Buenos Aires, and his partner, Maria Kavvadia, are coming to SNFCC to introduce us to the most romantic dance, in an open class under the light of the full moon! Next up is a milonga open to all, to the live sounds of Athens Tango Ensemble, a five-member band performing masterpieces from the golden era of Argentine Tango (1935–55), and compositions by Astor Piazzolla and popular Greek interwar composers, including Sougioul, Giannidis and Attik.

Free admission.

Friday 27/07

20.30 class - 21:30 party


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