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Tomorrow 16/07 @ Panathenaic Stadium: SCORPIONS "Once in a Lifetime". A rock night to reme

SCORPIONS "Once in a Lifetime" | 16/07/2018 - 21.00 - Panathenaic Stadium

With the participation of Athens State Orchestra

A rock night to remember!

July 2018 will be a very special moment for Scorpions and their thousands of friends around the world and especially in Greece.

The legendary band will perform for the first time in one of the most beautiful venues of the world, the Panathenaic marble stadium of Athens, the place where the modern Olympic Games revived in 1896, the place where every year ends the authentic Marathon of Athens.

The Scorpions were thrilled with the idea! The title of the evening, «Once in a Lifetime», is not accidental, as surprises do not stop by choosing this unique venue! The Athens State Orchestra will open the concert presenting with symphonic sound, for the first time in Greece, some of the greatest hits of the famous group. For the first time also, we will have the opportunity to listen to 2 of Scorpions' most famous songs with the participation of a children's choir. And of course our beloved Scorpions will present to the Greek audience a unique rock concert worthy of their career!

Monday 16/07/2018



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