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This weekend 19-20/05 @ Tae Kwon Do Stadium: The unique Lara Fabian in concert!

Lara Fabian | 19-20/05 - 21.00 - Tae Kwon Do Stadium

LARA FABIAN: Camouflage World Tour 2018

An audiovisual show in Greece

Lara Fabian, the ultimate diva of modern song, one of the most prominent female voices of the millennium, for two concerts in Athens on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of May at the TEA KWO DO In Palaio Faliro Indoor Stadium. Start at 9.00 pm

The ease with which it handles low and high notes made it famous all over the world. A sensual voice that stabs the crowd wherever it appears, a voice that springs through an outstanding artistic personality.

"I did not pick music but my music ..."

This is Lara Fabian ...

... an erotic soprano full of emotion with millions of fans and many great successes from the 80s to the present.

... a performer who knows how to magnetize the audience! The vocal craftsmanship in the case of Fabian is combined with highly theatrical performances, ranging from sensual ballads to the French cabaret, collecting the applause of thousands of viewers.

... an artist who has appeared in the most important "scenes" of international prestige, creates a special universe in every appearance, a sensational atmosphere - a combination of sounds, images and emotions.

As it has been said: "Music is an integral part of myself, of my identity. I'm no other person on the stage or the studio and at home, with my family and friends. The way I express myself is the emotional bridge that connects me to the public "

Every Lara Fabian show is referred to by the international press as a unique experience.

Born in Belgium by a Flemish father and Sicilian mother, this distinctive and interesting singer combines the voice with the impeccable stage presence, a touching interpretation with theatricality and the ability to sing in seven languages French, English, Spanish, Italian, Flemish, German, Russian, reaching record sales of 32 million, while awards and world-class honors are innumerable.

Lara Fabian sings about love, compassion, diversity and respect, injustice from wherever she comes from.

As she says: "I believe that in our times we need love and sensitivity more than anything else ..."

The cherished Lara Fabian, will be on two concerts in Athens, Saturday 19 and Sunday, May 20, at Tae Kwon Do Stadium In Palaio Faliro.

Saturday & Sunday 19-20/05


Tae Kwon Do Stadium

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