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Tomorrow 29/04 SNFCC celebrates the World Day of Dance with a free Blues & Swing event ;)

Social Ballroom: World Day of Dance | 29/04 - 12.00 - SNFCC

Social Ballroom series has something special for our monthly meet!

On the International Dance Day, observed on the birth anniversary of French dancer and choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), a pioneer of modern ballet, SNFCC's Social Ballroom gives everyone the opportunity to get to know one of the most expressive art forms, featuring a tribute to the Blues!

Slow Drag is a Blues and Swing slow-tempo dance form popular in Harlem's African-American communities during rent parties. Expressivity, sensuality and freedom of movement are some of the qualities that make this dance style magical.

Jump & Jive Athens Swing Team shows us how to dance it, in an introductory class to prepare us for fun at the party coming up right after the class! Jumping Bones – one of the most popular acts in the Greek blues scene – make us want to dance to their live Rhythm and Blues, enriched with contemporary West-Coast Blues elements, while DJ Elena Evangelia adds blues, jazz and R&B into the mix!

Celebrate dance with us in an evening full of Blues music and positive energy.

Free admission.

Sunday 29/04

19.00 (class)

20.00 (party)


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