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Tomorrow 25/11 @ SNFCC: Free electronic music concert

Music Escapades: Κeep Shelly in Athens | 25/11/2017 - 21.00 - SNFCC


Music Escapades, a survey of current trends in the Greek alternative scene, continues its journey at SNFCC. Next stop, Keep Shelly in Athens.

Keep Shelly in Athens

With their downtempo electronic music, ambient elements, and unmistakable dreamy vocals, Keep Shelly in Athens – RΠЯ and Jessica Bell – are inspired by urban experiences, the fleeting emotions born in the city, and the inevitable passing of time.

To date, they have released three albums, three EPs, and three 7-inch singles. They have performed on 4 headline tours in North America and 2 in Europe, having played live in 57 cities, featured in some of the largest festivals in the world, including Coachella Festival in California, Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin, Texas, and The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, U.K.

They have collaborated with many international artists, including Tycho (Ghostly International), Blood Diamonds (4AD), Steve Mason (Domino Recordings), Disclosure (PMR Records).

Saturday 25/11/2017 | 21.00 LIGHTHOUSE

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