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Tomorrow 21/10 @ SNFCC: Free alternative Greek music concert

Music Escapades: Sofia Sarri | 21/10 - 21.00 - SNFCC


Music Escapades, a survey of current trends in the Greek alternative scene, continues its journey at SNFCC, with one more concert.

SOFIA SARRI Sofia Sarri is a music performer and composer with influences across the entire music spectrum. She has performed and composed for bands from different backgrounds, including the post-rock collective Night on Earth, a pioneer act in the Athens indie scene.

Her music could best be described as avant rock, with a touch of Scandinavian black metal, urban ambient, dark-hop – an unconventional universe that combines Cretan lyre with analog synths and the demonic beat of the double bass drum pedal. Each track tells a story related to nature – strings and electronic microbeats fuse with her sometimes delicate and sometimes forceful vocals, evoking the omnipotence of nature.

For her SNFCC concert, Sofia Sarri is experimenting with traditional as well as contemporary forms while exploring the massive auditory and musical scope available to her generation and recalling the musical paths she has explored to date.

Sofia Sarri: Vocals Kostas Stergiou: Keyboards, electronics Michalis Vrettas: Violin Petros Lambridis: Double bass Dimitris Chiotis: Cretan lyra Vangelis Paraskevaidis: Vibraphone

Saturday 21/10 | 21.00 LIGHTHOUSE

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