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Today & tomorrow 20/10 & 21/10 @ Saint Paul's Aglican church : Lubomyr Melnyk's pian

Lubomyr Melnyk | 21/10 & 21/10 - 21.00 - Saint Paul's Aglican church

The piano virtuoso Lubomyr Melnyk for the first time in Greece and St Paul's Sessions.

Born in 1948, the Ukrainian Lubomyr Melnyk had to dedicate more than 40 years of hard work and study to finally make the "continuous music" more widely known, a piano technique that he had difficulty encumbered, giving him the nickname "fastest pianist of the world ".

He can count on over 20 recordings, but the epic "Corollaries" of 2013 in the overactive Erased Tapes Records surprised the audience with its sophistication and unparalleled performance, with its followers at the very important Primavera Festival in Barcelona and Le Guess Who? in Utrecht to be among the highlights of the festival, stamping his value and creativity.

"Evertina" and "Rivers and Streams" that followed on Erased Tapes Records was the culmination of his long run, and last year's album "Illirion" was his latest record label at Sony Classical Music.

In the very special hall of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Syntagma, a place of exceptional acoustics that creates a unique contact between performers and audiences, the ingenious Lubomyr Melnyk makes Athens and St Paul's Sessions this year's tour of a special music experience.

Friday 20/10 & Saturday 21/10 | 21.00 SAINT PAUL'S ANGLICAN CHURCH

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