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23/09-24/09 Athens celebrates the European Cultural Heritage Days :)

European Cultural Heritage Days 2017

Theme for 2017: Cities/Pol(e)is Date: 22-24 September 2017

Athens celebrates the European Cultural Heritage Days with free entrance to the archaeological sites, museums and monuments of the state.

On September 22-24, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports celebrates European Cultural Heritage Days and with them the cities: old and new, big or smaller, important or less important, alive or forgotten. These will tell a different story that transcends the borders of Greece in order to make us wonder about their transformation into the modern world and their course towards the future.

These stories are scattered in 117 locations throughout the country, in museums and archaeological sites, in monuments that live a second life or remain intact in time - landmarks of small or big cities. Cities are revealed through small or big stories, private or public, real or fantastic. Through books and photos, sounds, songs and dances, walks, events and fairy tales.

At the weekend of the 23rd, 24th of September, the entrance to the archaeological sites, museums and monuments of the state is free.

A few words about the European Cultural Heritage Days

All cities, old or new, big or small, famous or forgotten ones, narrate a story of transformation through time and space. This year, more than 100 events will take place all over Greece including talks, thematic/interpretation tours, educational programs, performances, and even city scapes. Greece has participated in the celebration of EHD since 1994. The Directorate of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports is responsible for the planning and implementation of the events as well as the coordination among the organizations involved. Purpose of the events • Reviving of the monuments • Familiarizing the locals with the monuments in their area • Incorporating the monuments in the area’s social life • Creating links between the local community and the Archaeological Service • Promoting the Archaeological Service efforts • Mobilization and cooperation amongst organizations and people for the staging of the events The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports collaborates with local authorities, organizations, local associations, private museums, “museums friends” associations and cultural centers in the staging of events all over the country.

The 27 points of European Cultural Heritage Days in Athens:

1. Acropolis Archaeological Site (22,23/9) 22/09/2017 | 9.30 | "The Acropolis in the Life of the City" Educational Program for Students of Secondary Education on the role of the Acropolis in the religious, political and cultural life of the city in classical time T / 210 9239186 E.mail / Acropolis Monument Conservation Service, Information and Education Section 23/09/2017 |10.00 | "The transformation of the Acropolis into a castle from the Roman times (3rd to 4th c.) And its relationship with the city of Athens "Guided tours for the general public T / 210 3233058, 210 9238747 E.mail /, Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens

2. Building of the Hellenic Parliament (23,24/9) "The House of Parliament: another route" Two tours on the meridian side of the building Parliament, in places not visited in the usual tours (office of the President of the Parliament, Office the Prime Minister, the Parliament House, the southern courtyard. Time 10.30, duration 1 hour. T / 210 3735340 E.mail / Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament

3. Archaeological Site and Museum of Ancient Agora (24/9, 17:00) "Athenians -" Children of Hephaestus "and other founding myths of the city of Athens" Presentation about public on the founding legends of Ancient Athens and a tour of selected monuments Archaeological site and exhibits of the Museum of Ancient Agora. T / 210 3214825, 3210196 E.mail / Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens

4. Archaeological site of Lyceum (23/9, 10.30) "The Lyceum in Space and Time" Tour for the general public on the history of the Greater east of ancient Athens from the 6th c. BC, when the Lyceum High School was established as the High School during the Ottoman period, when the Palace is located and the Royal Garden is formed. T / 2132139500, 210-3251744 (-120) E.mail / Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens

5. Archaeological Site and Kerameikos Museum (23.24 / 9, 10.00) "Kerameikos: The most beautiful suburb in time" Thematic tour for the general public. Necessary the entry form. T / 2103463552 - 2103450140 E.mail / Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens

6. Archaeological site of Lofos Musson (Philopappou), Pnyx, Nymphon (22/9 hours 10:00, 23-24 / 9, 17: 30-19: 30) "In the streets and the neighborhoods of Koilis and Melitis" Thematic presentations at the Oppenetrion Pikionis and a tour for the general public. Theatrical performance at Socratous Prison T / 210 92 38 747 E.mail / Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens, Directorate of Secondary Education

7. National Archaeological Museum (22/9) 22/9 10: 00-12: 00 Thematic modular adult tour titled "POL (e) FOR HUMANITIES" with aspects of the public and private life of citizens in the light of integration, rejection and social cohesion. 22/9 10.00-12.00 Educational program titled "Traveling to Athens in the 5th c. BC "for students D, E and F Primary T / 213 214 4889 E.mail / National Archaeological Museum

8. Byzantine and Christian Museum (22-23 / 9, 12:00 and 18:00, 24/9, 12:00) "TOWN HISTORIES" thematic guided tours for the general public at the museum's permanent exhibition on with the formation and development of cities from late antiquity to the recent years. I will and relevant educational action (24/9, 10:00 and 12:00). T / 213 213 9507 E.mail / Byzantine and Christian Museum

9. Epigraphic Museum (21-24 / 9) 22/9, 12.00: Guided tour of selected exhibits of the museum related to its construction works of ancient Athens 21 / 9-21 / 10: Photo exhibition of Italian photographer Paolo Morello titled " perfection "with photographs of archaeological sites from Greece and Italy. Opening on 21/9 hours 18.30. A musical tribute to the music of ancient Greece by the Italian composer will follow guitarist Tiziano Calabrese. 23/9, 10.30am: Guided tour of selected museum exhibits. 23/9, 12.00: Jazz Music Concert entitled "Blue Mood" from the music ensemble "Jazz Sextet" of the Military Music Guard of Athens. T / 210 8232950 E.mail / Epigraphic and Numismatic Museum, Italian Cultural Institute

10. Monetary Museum (20-22, 24/9) 20/9, 19.30: Poetry event in the museum garden 21/9: school-related educational program for school groups 22/9, 11.00-12.30: Lecture on "Zosimades: Enlightened Traders and Benefactors" 22/9, 13.00-14.30: Presentation of a lyrical tragedy "Prometheus Bound" 24/9, 12.00: Presentation of the book "The Great Lady of the Money and the Hunt of the Hidden treasure " 24/9, 20.30: Musical event in the garden of the museum in co-organization with KETHEA READY T / 210 36 32 057, 2103678530 E.mail / Epigraphic and Numismatic Museum

11. Children's Museum of Athens (23/9) "I discover Pagrati about ... pushing" A program for families who are walking in the streets of Pagkrati discover through the names of the monks, the people, the buildings and the commercial activity and the life of an Athenian neighborhood. T / 210 33 12 995 E.mail / «Organization of Culture, Sport & Youth of the Municipality of Athens» (OPANDA) & «Hellenic Children's Museum ", Athens Conservatory, Rigillis & Vas. George II, 17-19

12. Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (22-24 / 9) "Ancient Drama and Urban Studies" Exhibition on "Polis - Flows - Strengths - Osmosis" International Forum on "Ancient Drama and Urban Studies" T / 210 34 18 550 E.mail / Michael Cacoyannis Foundation website:

13. Institute of Greek Mills Ag. Insolated 45 (24/9) "The Windmills of Athens" Exhibition of photographs and archival material Educational program titled "Mill is and turns ... our air feeds" for children ages 4-8 years old T / 6977 787 407 (Maria Grypari) E.mail / Institute of Greek Mills

14. Historical Archives of the Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation (22-24 / 9) "Cities" 22/9, 21.00 Woody Allen (2011), in his balcony, "Midnight in Paris" building (bookings at 210 34 18 011) 23/9, 20.30 "Meeting in Penteli", theatrical performance for families with 12-15 year olds, adaptation of the comedy of G. Theotokas by the theatrical group of the 2nd Experimental Gymnasium of Athens, in the outdoor area of ​​the complex (bookings at 210 34 18 011) 27/9, 20.30 "Music of the Towns - Little Love Story", Two lyric singers, one orchestral trio, a dancing couple and a narrator have influences from the Europe that set the musical sounds and currents in the Greek big cities (bookings at 210 34 18 011) T / 210 34 18 062 E.mail / Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation,

15. Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation (23/9) «Cities and Literature: Athens by Meni Koumamateras» Educational Program for Secondary Education Teams (10: 00-11: 30) and adults (17: 00-18: 30). Free, registration required. Excerpts of texts by Mein Commanderatas, as well as other important scholars, will give the opportunity for the participants to see "other eyes" points of Athens, observing and commenting on what has changed and what remains the same, emphasizing how the heroes feel about them of the selected snippets. T / 210 3256927 E.mail / Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group

16. Museum of Archeology and Art History,

Zografou University Campus (22-24 / 9) "Yesterday's poles, all kinds of inspiration: Delphi" Poster exhibition "Antiquities and creative design: a poster exhibition of the students of the IPCC "Monument Management: Archeology, City and Architecture" 22-23 / 9: Educational program "Delphi, from the oracle to the subsequent cities". Required statement participation. T / 210 727 7561 E.mail /, @ArchMuseumUoA Museum of Archeology and History of Art (Department of History and Archeology, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

17. History Museum of the University of Athens, 5 tholou (24/9) "Cities. The Museum and its City: from isolation to interaction »Workshop, round table T / 210 3689503-05 E.mail /, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (University of Athens), History Museum of the University of Athens, Department of History and Archeology (BSc), Postgraduate Studies Program "Museums Studies ", University of Athens, Postgraduate Studies Program" Management of Monuments: Archeology, City and Architecture ", UNESCO University Museums

18. War Museum (10/10) "Do we go to school with a museum? Ways and methods of approaching and educational exploitation museums »Conference for Teachers A / B and B / Grade Education T / 210 3250341 E.mail / Museum of School Life and Education, War Museum

19. Jewish Museum (24-25 / 9) Educational programs for school groups and families T / 210 32 25 582 E-mail. Jewish Museum of Greece

20. Museum of School Life and Education, Tripodon 23, Plaka (22-23 / 9) "The city through fairy tale, literature and cinema" 22/9 18: 00-20: 00 "Literary Walk in Plaka" Walking for Families in Historic Monuments of Plaka, in literary houses and in parts mentioned in relevant texts (reservations 2103250341) 23/9 13:00, «Holiday on the Veranda» Experiential workshop for children based on the book of Ioanna Babete referring to the life of children in the city (bookings 2103250341) 23/9 16:00 "Approaching the history of the city through fairy tale and fiction" seminar for teachers (bookings 2103250341) T / 210 3250341 E.mail / Museum of School Life and Education, Women's Literary Society

21. Museum of the City of Athens (22-24 / 9) "Stadiou Street / Panepistimiou Street" Action starting with a thematic tour of its premises museum with guidebooks exhibiting the evolution of Athens and ending in a tour of Athens Stadiou and Panepistimiou streets, where photographers will photograph the modern picture of the city and their photos will be published on the museum's website. T / 210 32 31 387 E.mail / Museum of the City of Athens - Vouros Foundation - Eutaxias

22. Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture, Salamis 72 (22-24 / 9) Occupy Atopos #AndrewSpyrou "Sound Surveys: Exploring the Sounds of the City," an Audio an exhibition by Andrew Spyrou. Atopos cvc invites Andrew Spyrou to "understand" the building and to organize a three-day program with sound facilities, performances and workshop focused on the exploration of the sounds of Athens. In his experimental musicians and sound artists will make recordings in the city, through which they will compose a new sound total. T / 210 88 38 151 E.mail / Website / Social Media / Contemporary Visual Culture

23. New Museum of MELT & ELAMO-UFA in the building block Areos - Adrianou - Branch and Vrysaki in Monastiraki (22/9, 11.00) "Hidden Stories in the Wonder Court" A treasure game for the general public in the New Museum MELT & ELAMO - CMA for a group of 20 persons (participation required - meeting point at entrance of the museum on Areos Street 1) T / 210 32 49 698 E.mail /, and page on the facebok Museum of Greek Folk Art MELT & FLAME-ULTRA

24. Industrial Museum of Photovoltai, Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens (24/9) "From the gas plant in Technopolis", 12.15. Tour on history and function of the old factory and its exploitation as a "city" of civilization. Starting Point New Gas- Industrial Gas Museum Shop. Reservations are required. "Technopolis: A City of Arts", 11.00. Educational program based on improvisation and in the plays for children aged 4-7 years. Venue. New Water-Observatory. Reservations are required. Continuous projections between 10.00 - 17.00 in the projection room in the building of the New Water Company of two producers. The first projection concerns a historical presentation of Technopolis, from about 1999 until today, while the second concerns a presentation of interviews with people who lived in Gazi and remember the city and their neighborhood, which was edited by the Department of Media and Culture Communication Panteion University. T / 2130109325 E.mail / Industrial Museum of Photovoltaic

25. Kallithea, Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation Library, 72-74 Salaminos (22/9) "Pole (s): We play with Kallithea" Creative Workshop on the city of Kallithea, for children 5-9 years old, from the Anassa Team (18: 00-19: 30, free of charge, registration required. T / 210 3739651-2 E.mail / Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation Library, Kallithea Municipal Library

26. Kallithea Municipal Library, Kallithea Municipal Library, Andramahis 86A & Alkminis (23/9) "Pole (s): We play with Kallithea" Creative Workshop on the city of Kallithea, for children 5-9 years old, from the Anassa Group (11.30-13.00, free, registration required. T / 210 9593518 E.mail / Municipal Library of Kallithea, Cultural Foundation Library Piraeus

27. Archaeological Museum of Piraeus (24, 29/9) 24/9 Long Walls and around them antiquities (Municipality of Moschato - Tavros, Agios Ioannis Rentis area) An archaeological walk in the Mines of Walls at monuments around them where through narratives will be attempted the reconstruction of the ancient topography of the area and the exploration of the coexistence of the modern urban web with ancient remains. (Start time: 10:30 am ISAP 'Tavros' station, duration: approximately 3.5 hours) T / 210 45 90 705/711/712 E.mail / 29/9 Lecture: "Evolving Cities: The City-Citizen-Cultural Heritage Relationship" with subject the role of archaeological sites within the modern urban environment, the dynamics that they have develops between City Citizen (City Resident) and Cultural Heritage. T / 210 45 90 705 E-mail / 15/11 * «Antithesis» Periodic exhibition, which will cross the social, cultural and class boundaries highlighting the various versions of identity that run daily in Piraeus antiquity to date. T / 210 45 90 700 E.mail / Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica, Piraeus and Islands Facebook @ Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica, Piraeus and Islands

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