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28/05/2019 Simon Singh @ SNFCC for a unique lecture!!!

A Lecture by Simon Singh: From theorems to serums, from cryptology to cosmology and the Simpsons | 28/05/2019 | 19.00 | SNFCC

The famous theoretical physicist, journalist, BAFTA awarded documentary filmmaker, and best-selling author, Simon Singh is coming to SNFCC to give a lecture in which he will introduce the audience to the universe of his award-winning books.

His first book, Fermat's Last Theorem, was translated into 32 languages and familiarized millions of readers around the world with the wonders of mathematics. In his second book, The Code Book, he revealed the secrets of cryptography while in the third, Big Bang, he dealt with the theory of the universe. His book Trick or Treatment? has raised inconvenient questions about alternative medicine. His latest, The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets, illustrates how the creators of the long-running animated comedy The Simpsons seek to pique viewer interest in mathematics and science.

Simon Singh studied physics at Imperial College and completed his doctoral thesis on experimental particle physics at Cambridge University and CERN. In 1996, he directed for BBC series Horizon one of the most successful documentaries ever screened on British TV, about the mathematician Andrew Wiles' proof of Fermat’s notorious last theorem, for which Singh won a BAFTA for best documentary. He went on to write popular-science books that became international best-sellers. Currently living in London, Singh is a regular contributor to The Guardian and lectures all over the world.

*Simultaneous interpretation to Greek will be provided.

Design-Implementation: Hub Science, Elli Davaki, Konstantinos Politis, Nikolas Protonotarios

Free admission

Tuesday 28/05/2019



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