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12/05/2019 The 3rd Man Element feat. David Lynch & Takis Paterelis free music concert @ SNFCC :)

The 3rd Man Element feat. David Lynch & Takis Paterelis | 12/05/2019 | 21.00 | SNFCC

Exploring spontaneous composition and free improvisation, The 3rd Man Element is going onstage at SNFCC, in an open-ended music collaboration.

The band's core members are Christos Alexopoulos (composer, Puzzlemusik founder) on piano and keyboards and Vassilis Podaras (aka Billy Pod, member of Next Step and other bands) on drums. A different artist each time joins them as the “3rd man” to ignite fresh, exciting music-making along with the two core members.

Three distinctive musicians join each other onstage to give a single, unique, unrepeatable live performance of spontaneous composition and free improvisation.

For the SNFCC live concert, David Lynch (tenor and soprano saxophone, flute) and Takis Paterelis (tenor saxophone) will be taking turns as the “3rd man.”


Christos Alexopoulos piano, keyboards Vasilis Podaras drums David Lynch tenor/soprano saxophone, flute Takis Paterelis tenor saxophone

Free admission

Sunday 12/05/2019



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