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26/11/2018 Eleanor Friedberger presents her latest album "Rebound" in a free music concert

Eleanor Friedberger: Rebound | 26/11/2018 | 20.30 | SNFCC

On 26/11 the talented Eleanor Friedberger presents in SNFCC her latest album Rebound which gets inspiration from Greece.

"Deliciously droll electro pop" The Guardian

"Dark, exhilarating and life-affirming" The Independent

After a month in Athens I asked my friend, the Greek musician Σtella, "What's one thing I have to do before I leave?" After some long and careful consideration she smiled and said, "you have to go to Rebound. It's a time warp; kind of an 80s goth disco where everyone does the chicken dance; you’ll love it... but it's only open on Saturdays after 3:00 AM." Rebound proved to be a revelation in terms of finding the sound and energy for my fourth album. On Rebound, Eleanor Friedberger has created a subtle world that is a little fizzier, a little synthier- more cinematic, more meditative- than her previous three albums. In contrast to the sonic serenity of 2016's New View, which she arranged and recorded with her touring band, Rebound was recorded mostly on her own and with the producer Clemens Knieper. Programmed drums, a Juno synthesizer, and muted rhythm guitars dominate the landscape where influences range from Stereolab and Suicide to Lena Platonos and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

For the first time Friedberger is accompanied on stage by a string quartet in a unique musical performance of her electric sound. The quartet:

Kostas Panagiotidis, first violin

Argiro Sira, second violin

Ali Basegmezler, viola

Demetrios Traulos, cello Free admission by online pre-registration here. Appropriate for children aged 6+ Late seating can be only allowed in case of a pause.

Monday 26/11/2018


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