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10/08 @ Bolivar Βeach Bar: the Italian superstar dj / producer Deborah De Luca for a unique dj set

Deborah De Luca | 10/08 - 21.00 - Bolivar Βeach Bar

Friday 10 of August the Italian superstar dj / producer Deborah De Luca returns at Bolivar Beach Bar for a unique dj set.

Deborah De Luca Within a few years, her music became a high quality brand. Deborah De Luca is synonymous with passion and strong personality. Born in 1980, at the district of Naples she embarked on a career in the music world. Today, Deborah De Luca plays in many clubs all over the world: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Morocco, Slovenia,, Malaysia, Indonesia, Armenia, Russia and always continues to produce fresh and innovative music , although she doesn’t belong to any musical trend , but always caters for different tastes.

Doors Open 21:00 hrs

Friday 10/08



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