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Tomorrow 25/03 @ SNFCC: Τhrax-Punks free music concert ;)

Τhrax-Punks | 25/03 - 12.00 - SNFCC

What do traditional carols from Thrace and punk have in common? This question sprang up when Giorgos Stavridis and Vaitsis Harakopidis met in 2008 and began to fuse songs from their favorite genres. Guided by their passion for music, they met Panos Ginis, with his guitar, on an improvised jam session, and since then Thrax Punks have been growing stronger. The daouli (davul) and Thracian lyre meet the bagpipe, kaval and zurna at weddings, fairs, streets, festivals and everywhere. Mixing ingredients from world music and cultures, Thrax Punks create a unique style that’s impossible to tag although they have coined the term Punkopanegyropsychedelic! The inexhaustible energy and humor of these three Thracians make all inhibitions vanish in an irresistible celebration of tradition mixed with hardcore sounds!

Free admission.

Sunday 25/03



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