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Tomorrow 22/11/2017 starts the 14th Panorama of Ecological Films :)

14th Panorama of Ecological Films | 22/11/2017 - 25/11/2017 | Greek Film Archive

The 14th Panorama of Ecological Films is about to start!

Curent environmental issues, from an unconventional perspectivec of 17 important Greek and foreign directors!

The Panorama of Ecological Films is just about to start for the 14th consecutive year with the title "Windows to the Planet". A series of projections, inspired by the need to learn about the problems of the planet through the eyes of important directors, and gives the Athenian audience a unique opportunity to watch Greek and foreign productions dealing with environmental issues, featuring films from Greece, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

Thematic days have been scheduled for special thematic debates and presentations with distinguished speakers, including C. Kassimis, Professor at the Laboratory of Agricultural University of Athens, A. Papandropoulos, Honorary President of the Union of European Journalists, A. Trichopoulou , President of the Hellenic Foundation for Health, P. Harizanis, Director of the Sericology and Beekeeping Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens, I. Karouzos, Biologist-Environmentalist of HCMR, etc.


Wednesday, 22/11/2017 | Greek Film Archive

Iera Odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou 134-136, 104 35 Kerameikos


Greek Animal Rescue, 2017

Menelaos Karamagiolis ** / GREECE, 65 '

A stray, battered, three-legged and already heavily injured, abandoned in the industrial desert of Aspropyrgos. A foundation from London that takes care of the strays in Greece, the Greeks, young volunteers patrolling Aspropyrgos by treating the strays. Why are the Greek strays so popular for adopting abroad? The film seeks to find out if there is hope for the condemned dogs, but also for a condemned area next to Athens.

19:05 Discussion: "Abandoned animals". With the director Menelaos Karamagiolis and Irini Molfesi, BoD member of the HELLENIC COMPANY and President of the Pan-Hellenic Philosophical Federation.


Angry Inuk *, Angry Inow, 2016

85΄ Alethea Arnaqug Baril / CANADA, 85

Nauck of the North, Robert Friedrich, (the first documentary in the history of cinema) recorded the daily routine of an Inuit family (Eskimo tribe). Nearly a century after, the indigenous director of the documentary returns to the roots of her documentary cinema and her origins, following the current Inuit as they rebuild themselves in a modern society that is urging a viable economy. Equipped with social media, the new Inuit generation is confronted by the groups opposed to the practice of sealing.

21:00 Discussion: "The Inuit tribe in the New Age". With Leonidas Economou, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Panteion University and Marianna Psaradelli, Biologist, scientific associate of Arion Research Center for Rescue and Care of Cetaceans.

Coordination: Stavros Samouilidis, SKAI Journalist Radio - TV.


Passion for Planet, 2016

Werner Schlussler / GERMANY, 90

A trip to the world with the best filmmakers of wildlife. We discover their passion and dedication to the natural beauty of our planet, but at the same time the danger of its constant destruction due to the growing humanity of the world.

Thursday, 23/11/2017 | Greek Film Archive

Iera Odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou 134-136, 104 35 Kerameikos

Tribute: Nutrition


Just Eat It - A food waste story *, 2014

Grand Baldwin / CANADA, 74 '

Cinematographers and dining enthusiasts Jen and Grand dive into the issue of extreme food consumption: from the farm, from our retail sale and from there in our fridge ... Millions of dollars are spent in North America for food, but 50% garbage. An attempt by the director to explain the phenomenon and save the food that ends up in the rubbish as this practice has terrible consequences.


10 Billion - What's on Your Plate? *, 2015

Valentin Thurn / GERMANY, 107

In 2050 the earth's population will reach 10 billion, increasing the need for more food production, resulting in a decrease in its stock. The director-activist and self-proclaimed "warrior of food" Valentin Thurn travels to the world from India, the United States and Germany seeking ecologically and economically responsible alternatives to mass food production. At the same time it comes in contact with private initiatives and programs of urban agriculture, where people produce and consume only local and seasonal products. The only solution, according to Thurn, is to tackle the problem.

21:10 Discussion: "Nutrition and waste of food". With Professor Charalambos Kasimis, Laboratory of Agricultural University of Athens and Athanasios Papandropoulos, Economist, Honorary President of the Union of European Journalists.

Coordination: Dr. Antonia Trichopoulou, President of the Hellenic Foundation for Health and Member of the BoD of the HELLENIC COMPANY.


Code of Survival *, 2017

Bertham Verhaag / GERMANY 95

A documentary that can inspire us for a better lifestyle. Can organic farming feed the world? Or will we continue to poison the soil with genetically modified products and artificial chemical preparations?

Friday, 24/11/2017 | HELLENIC COMPANY Building

Tripodon 28, 105 58 Plaka


2017 Olympos: The path of Gortzia, Winter and Spring, 2017

Nikos Durlus / GREECE, 30

A snippet of documentary about the national park of Olympus. One of the 4 most popular routes to reach the Muses Plateau and the Peak of Mytikas.


Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us? *, 2010

Taggard Siegel / USA, 82

A trip to the devastating disappearance of bees and an exploration of our world. This impressive documentary tells us of a different, dramatic story about the beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from all over the world who all share the problems and the solutions for renewing a culture in balance with nature.

20:15 Discussion: "Bees - Honey". With Professor Paschalis Harizani, Director of the Sericulture and Beekeeping Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens.


The traces of E4 **, 1998

Vangelis Efthimiou / GREECE, 20

Following the route of the E4 Path that crosses Greece from Tainaro to Florina. E4 is the first European path that starts from the Pyrenees and crosses Greece from north to south.


The Barrier, 2017

Giorgos Teltzidis / GREECE, 17

Building a dam in a remote village will force its residents to abandon it. In the last few days of his release, Christina will have to make unbearable decisions. What is going tohappen to the old dog under its protection?


Cine Thiseio **, 2016

Maria Dousa / GREECE-FRANCE, 52

A documentary about Athens' homonym summer cinema, in the hyper-tourist area near the Acropolis, refusing to join the present. Nostalgia for the past or admiration for antiquities? A visceral sense of energy flowing through time ...

Saturday, 25/11/2017 | HELLENIC COMPANY Building

Tripodon 28, 105 58 Plaka


Paradis, 2015

Merieke Wijnen, / THE NETHERLANDS, 26 '

A couple of Germans decides to live in France. It was their biggest dream. Will the woman feel happy in the unflagging context of the new environment?



The lure of Mary **, 2016

Dinos Panagos / GREECE, 26 '

Philip and Maria, newly renowned hydrobiologists, live and work next to the lake, waiting for the birth of their child. A human history in an imposing natural environment.


The seven wounds of Paradise **, 2000

Lydia Karras / GREECE, 30

In the microcosm of Amvrakikos land and water constantly create alternating aquatic landscapes. Rare birds flee ... Today Amvrakikos is in danger! The fishermen take the first steps for his rescue. Perhaps the most expressive voice is Lakis, the deaf noble fisherman.

His anxiety is plagued in Amvrakikos ...


Lake Days **, 2017

Pandora Mouriki / GREECE, 48 '

The common course of the beautiful, rich and sensitive ecosystem and the inhabitants of the lakeside villages in Lake Kerkini. The inhabitants and nature are totally identical.

20:20 Discussion: "SOS wetlands!" With Dr. Ioannis Karouza, Biologist of HCMR and film contributors.


Chasing Coral *, 2017

Jeff Orlowski / USA, 93 '

Coral reefs disappear with unprecedented rhythms. The effort of scientists, photographers and divers to discover one of the greatest mysteries in the world.

Tribute: Honoring older Greek directors - K. Vrettakos


The Death Mattress, 1980

Konstantinos Vrettakos / GREECE, 33

The consequences of the creation of the artificial lake in the waters of the Mornos River for the water supply of Athens and the efforts of Petros Themelis to rescue the archaeological finds.

* in English

** with English subtitles

The 14th Panorama of Ecological Films takes place with the kind support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens and the Embassy of Canada in Greece.

With the collaboration of the Youth Plan.

In the Greek Film Archive, the ticket per film costs € 4.00, and the day pass € 7.00

Admission is free for students and the unemployed.

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